Welcome to Film, Video and Virtual Reality (FV^VR), home for 2D, 3D and 360VR.

AND WE  ARE CHANGING (ever so slightly)!

The change from Australian Videocamera to FV^VR  was mostly positive, but after a few months it was evident some fine tuning was needed and we have beavering away at this to make it more “user friendly” – and you will see the results very shortly with reviews, features, workshops, do-it-yourself column, new products, a camera shoot-out,  VR / 360  more.

In essence, we have taken away all the “tech speak” and where possible, started doing reviews and tutorials etc from a perspective our everyday readers can identify with.  This means putting our cameras, camcorders, action cams, drones, smartphones and 360 degree cameras in places you, I and our writers could all visit, and editing this footage or stills in ways you may want to explore as well (but thought you couldn’t!)

New products pages will also reflect our major audience in most cases – although we will often throw in a “Ferrari” or two – items we all dream about owning, but in the video sphere such as up market cameras and camcorders, industrial strength drones, or super duper editing laptops for example).

What it comes down to is that we have come back to our roots, and while we won’t at all exclude the professional market, our emphasis will be firmly with those that make videos, VR and the like mostly for the fun of it!

Let me know your thoughts please? Is this the right track from your perspective? What other changes do you think we should make? I appreciate and value all comments

And if you want to write for us. do contact me at david@auscamonline.com.

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