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Review: proDAD ERAZR. Remove unwanted objects from your video clips.

Back in the ‘old’ days – around 1997 – there used to be a piece of software called Commotion from a mob in the US, Puffin Software, that as one of its party pieces, allowed the removal of objects from video. It was expensive. Very expensive. Over USD$1500 as I recall. And complicated. In fact, there was a whole suite of video training tapes for it. But it was also ground breaking at the time (along with AVID’s Elastic Reality but that’s a whole another story). Today, we have ERAZR V1 from proDAD, who also make four of our favourite [...]

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For the e-magazine, there are now four editions sent out – 1 approximately every 2 weeks -, and three of these are aimed at specific audiences.


  • Social Media / Enthusiast
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David Hague
Publisher / Managing Editor

FV^VR Partner

FV^VR Partner

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