Panasonic expands studio camera range at ISE

Panasonic Business has used ISE 2018 to announce the launch of a new studio camera system aimed at the production, rental and live events markets.

Expanding its portfolio of studio cameras, the new S35mm MOS sensor AK-UC4000 outputs in both Ultra HD and Full HD and is set to ship in Spring 2018, for both Europe and North America.

Becoming the company’s flagship studio camera, it is launched alongside a new camera control unit (AK-UCU600). The camera, as well as the camera control unit have the same format as the UC3000 system, but additionally features a 4.4K image sensor in UHD, achieving 2000 TV lines and a S/N of 62dB. 2 x 12G SDI and 4 x 3G (two times 4 x 3G is available as option) are standard. All outputs are capable of supporting HDR (HLG) and SDR independently.

A Media over IP interface (MoIP), with SMPTE-2022 and SMPTE-2110 for remote operation configurations, will become available as an option in Autumn 2018. Furthermore, the AK-UC4000 camera system will incorporate switchable 2x, 3x and 4x high speed HD support as standard later this year.

The camera is being showcased at ISE 2018 in Amsterdam as part of a studio system which includes the AK-UCU600 camera control unit, AK-HRP1000 remote operating panel and the AK-HVF100 LCD colour viewfinder. When combined, the system cost is below €60,000 (RRP). US based showcases will be announced shortly.

“Panasonic’s new studio camera system delivers excellent value for money, over and above its competitors,” says Stefan Hofmann, Panasonic Manager Sales Engineering Live Operation. “What’s really unique is that there are a high number of Panasonic products such as the EVA1, VariCam LT, PTZ cameras and other cameras from the professional camera range, which can be controlled by the same remote control panel, the HRP1000 and HRP1005. In a live events space, this is invaluable.”

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