Customer Service? You Jest? Nope, No- Not In This Case.

It’s not often you see good news stories about vendors, especially multinational ones where the usually hapless customer has to deal with someone Overseas with all its inherent problems, most notably usually location and language difficulties.

Well here is one.

My drone developed a fault in that the onboard, but removable, camera could not be detected, and without this, the vehicle simply refused to fly. The culprit was nailed down to either the connectors in the camera itself, or the stabiliser mechanism the camera slotted into.

An email to the Support address resulted in an almost immediate reply asking for the relevant serial numbers of the components plus proof of purchase – as you might expect. Once these were found and sent, I received within minutes, a pre-paid PDF UPS connote, and all the export documentation also in PDF that is needed to send the Stabiliser arm to Singapore.

(Some external research on my part also concluded I didn’t have an isolated fault and it was probably the wiring harness inside the stabiliser that had failed).

There was a small hiccup in that I am 150Km from the nearest UPS delivery point, and so another prepaid connote was sent – again within minutes – for me to take the packaged stabiliser to the local post office – itself 30Km away – and for StarTrack to then deliver to UPS.

Just over a week later, a brand-new stabiliser arrived, and I was back flying. No questions asked, no dollars changed hand, no major obstacles to jump over, just damn good service, followed by another email from the same person I had been dealing with all the way through to make sure all was OK, and reassuring me that any other issues would be dealt with just as efficiently and promptly.

So well done GoPro!

Despite the fact the Karma has been discontinued and GoPro is out of the drone business altogether now, this did not affect its attention and commitment to after sales service and support.


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