“The Flat Earth” Skate Film | Ty Evans | Mantra VR


Visionary skate video Director Ty Evans brings us his latest work, “The Flat Earth”.

Self-taught, Ty is known for his breakthrough work over the last 2 decades, including Transworld Skateboarding videos such as Feedback (1999) and Modus Operandi (2000). And more recently Pretty Sweet (2012), and We Are Blood (2015). He has also co-directed several films with Spike Jonze.

Update: Now available for purchase on iTunes.

We are proud to present his trailer for the film, which uses the original SkyBox 360/VR tools (now part of Adobe CC 2018), as well as Mantra VR, the new stylization and FX plugin for After Effects and Premiere Pro. Ty was introduced to Mantra VR by Benjamin Bernard, VR Director and Founder at Mixed Lotus. The results are fantastic, and lend another dimension to the skateboard experience.

For other examples of the work, go to the Mettle website.

More About Ty Evans.

Ty Evans is an award-winning director and cinematographer. He is known for creating some of the most iconic skateboarding films and commercial work. He directed the feature-length documentary We Are Blood and co-directed several films with Spike Jonze. 

He is CEO/Director of Ghost Digital Cinema ®


@ghostdigitalcinema Instagram/Facebook/Twitter

@tyevans Instagram/Facebook/Twitter




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