First Look: GoPro Hero Black 6

There seems to have been many GoPro models and sometimes, it has been hard to differentiate one from the next – especially when in each model number there are differing models as well, such as Silver and Black.

The GoPro 6 is said to differentiate itself from the 5 in a number of ways, but I can say, one of these is not looks! Side by side they are identical except for the colouring of the GoPro logo on the front.

GoPro does say though that the Hero Black 6 has an all new processor, the GP1 which allegedly gives twice the performance of the previous processor.


Additionally, 4K60 and 1080p240 contribute to excellent slow-motion results.

GoPro is also saying that they have improved the image stabilisation in the GoPro Hero Black 6, and as good as it appears to be, I still think I’ll be hanging on to my copies of ProDAD Mercalli 2 to smooth out those really difficult shots.

Other improvements are in the area of low light performance and new night photo modes have been added. And hurray, zooming is now achieved by simply using the touch screen with gestures.

If splashing in the briny is your bag (or one of them), no longer do you need a housing to take the GoPro Hero 6 for a swim or snorkel. As long as you stay above 10 metres that is (which is getting into SCUBA territory anyway).

Voice commands are included for hands free operation. I can think of many areas this will be of benefit (not when snorkelling obviously) but when driving, most certainly. I know when we travelled across Australia last October, turning the Hero 4 on and off was the biggest hassle, having to stop the car each time, and that is now eliminated.

Finally, RAW and HDR modes are available as are on-screen exposure controls, advanced stereo audio processing and GPS data can be used in QuikStories, an app that transforms your footage into edited videos automatically.


We’ll be putting our GoPro Hero 6 Black through its paces and have a full review soon. For more info, go to the GoPro website.

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