NewBlue Announces Revolutionary Broadcast Graphics Solution: Titler Live 4

NewBlue, Inc. today released a new version of its on-air graphics solution, Titler Live 4, offering professional broadcast quality graphics and streamlined live production workflows at a fraction of the cost of competing systems. Titler Live 4 offers many user experience enhancements as well as numerous powerful new features.

table-fb-comment small.pngThis is the latest generation of NewBlue’s Titler Live product suite, which has a rapidly growing international customer base of live streamers and broadcast professionals. This release includes purpose-driven workflows designed to help save users time and provide intuitive, streamlined processes while still offering the power and flexibility that Titler Live users value. New features include Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet connectivity, additional variable/data input and editing tools, and enhanced social media management. Sports broadcasters will benefit from additional Stat Crew® statistics integration and new graphics packages per sport.

Historically in our industry, users have had two alternatives for on-air graphics: unbelievably expensive, complex systems or very primitive low-cost solutions.” said Todor Fay, CEO of NewBlue. “With today’s technology, there’s no reason why everyone – from major networks to YouTubers – can’t have a system that’s as powerful as their imagination while offering the ease of use and affordability that we expect of modern day software. That has been the driving vision behind NewBlue’s products. With Titler Live 4, we’re continuing to build on that foundation and provide our customers with even better workflows and expanded features.”

Titler Live 4 is available in multiple versions that are tailored to meet the needs of social streamers, sports broadcasters, and professional media organizations. The flagship product, Titler Live Broadcast, works with leading streaming solutions to deliver unlimited layers of graphics for any live broadcast on up to 16 channels of NDI® or SDI key/fill. Graphics may be created natively, or users can leverage existing 3D animated graphics imported from any design source, including Adobe® Photoshop® and After Effects®.

2 thoughts on “NewBlue Announces Revolutionary Broadcast Graphics Solution: Titler Live 4

  1. NewBlue’s Titler Live is a fully beta software without real support. There are GUI issues and rendering bugs in TL4 and has hard limitations that are not advertised. I was suffiering with it for 4 months, and after I bought an other software.


  2. I must admit due to various reasons we haven’t looked at the Live version for about 12 months. I was aware of problems at that time and so it is definately worth a revisit to see if they have been ironed out. Thanks for the nudge!


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