Thank goodness for dental floss…

As you probably know (assuming you are a regular to FV^VR reader / follower and Australian Videocamera before that) I have a penchant for in-car camcorders – GoPro, Thinkware, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic and others have all graced the windows of the Monaro at one time or another.

As a consequence, I have a number of sticky mounts firmly attached to the windscreen (that’s “windshield” for our US readers by the way).

Well, over the weekend, the unimaginable happened; a stone chip turned into a monster of concentric circles, and tomorrow the car goes into the Doctor of Windscreens for a new one as its centre is right in the middle of the driver’s field of view which makes it illegal. After 14 years and nearly a quarter of a million kilometeres zig-zagging Australia that is not bad. I’ve been through more clutches, gearboxes and brake discs.

But how to remove the mounts? I did try a knife inserted under the mount and with gradual pressure, levering the mount off, but the angle of the windscreen and location of the mounts made this incredibly awkward. Nor did I want to further crack the screen as I have a 30Km drive to get it fixed and its raining!

dental floss.jpg

So I did some research. And came across this, probably one of the best training videos I have ever seen. It is short,sweet and to the point.

And it works.

Your welcome.

And thank you to “Techmoan” whoever you may be!

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