New: SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13

It’s been around a l-o-n-g time as the version number suggests, but once again SOUND FORGE has been updated with a bunch of new features.

With a streamlined workflow, powerful engine and customizable interface, it now has more efficiency and speed combined with a familiar interface that thankfully, has been left alone.

» Event Tool for flexible and dynamic editing

Cut WAV files quickly, easily and accurately with the new Event Tool. You can adjust and move your cuts at any time and edit crossfades so removing any pops, clicks and other noise.

» NEW! Surround sound editing with 6 channels of audio

Now you can edit in full 5.1 surround sound in SOUND FORGE Audio Studio with access to a total of six channels of audio.

» Audio editing with professional effects
» Digitalization of records and cassettes
» Inkl. Ozone Elements from iZotope

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 is available direct from MAGIX for USD$44.95

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