If it saves even a fraction of future pain, it is worth it, trust me. New Logitech MX Vertical mouse.

Back in the early 80s, whilst having fun selling Tandy Model 3s and 4s running word processing, databases and a little program called VisiCalc alongside a top bloke called Tony Lloyd (wonder where he is now?), we heard rumours of a scourge of a new disease called, apparently, RSI.

A rort to get worker’s compo”, we proclaimed to each other loudly, over pints at the local Cock and Bull Tavern in Rokeby Road, Subiaco. “Shyster, mountebanks and shirkers” we all agreed among ourselves.

And went back to work, to bash away with two fingers on our keyboards pretending to be writing quotations and appointment letters whilst secretly playing Zork.

Nearly 35 years later and a few million words on though, I have what you see in the photo at top. Yep, that is my wrist. And thee days it is more commonly known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, named as such as it is caused, I am told, by a swelling of the nerves to the fingers where they go through a sort of “hole” in e the wrist called the Carpal Tunnel.

And I am currently on the waiting list for surgery to remove this lump, caused by strain from – you guessed – too many hours of repetitive keyboard work at bad angles.

When I got an email today from Logitech about a new ergonomic mouse, I was, as is usual with all these things that tend to appear every so often, sceptical. On reading further though and seeing the design and understanding the pain they describe by doing these things without proper equipment, I decided I want one.

I hope it works. I really do. And I’ll let you know.

At $169.95 it is not cheap, sure. But trust me, if it prevents ¼ of the pain or even 1/8th, and more importantly, surgery, it is a very small price to pay.

Logitech MX  Vertical

Scientifically tested and ergonomist approved, MX VERTICAL is designed with a natural handshake position and a 57-degree vertical angle to reduce muscular activity by up to 10 percent compared to a standard mouse without any loss in overall performance. The comfort form is designed to fit a variety of hand shapes and sizes, while the textured rubber surface and thumb rest ensure a solid and natural grip.

MX VERTICAL provides a best-in-class 4,000 DPI high-precision sensor, resulting in up to 4x less hand movement and reducing fatigue. The cursor speed switch allows you to instantly adjust DPI speed and accuracy of your cursor with the touch of a button.

With MX VERTICAL, you never have to worry about your mouse running out of power as the rechargeable battery lasts up to four months on a full charge, and a quick one-minute charge gets you three hours of use. Enabled with both Logitech Easy-SwitchTM and Logitech FlowTM you can seamlessly switch between two computers with MX VERTICAL, and even copy and paste content, images and documents between them.

For more information, please visit Logitech.com, our blog or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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