Apple Releases New iMacs

So what do we know without actually seeing one? Not a lot it turns out, only having a press release to work from. What we do know is:

  • There is a new 43K or 5K retina display with 1 billion colours and 500 nits or brightness. Apple says this is spectacularly good for binge watching shows … Apparently.
  • You can have a 21.5 inch 4K or 27 inch 5K version available equipped with either 8th or 9th gen Intel Core processors.
  • Available is the option of a “Fusion Drive” or up to 2TB SSD.
  • Take your pick between a 6 core 4.6GHz or 8 core 5GHz processor. And they have turbo boost! Sounds like 1985 all over again…
  • There is new Radeon Pro 55X series graphics and up to 8GB video VRAM. Apple says the graphics capability will make you speechless. And you can amp this up even further to what they call “Beast mode” by adding the Radeon Pro Vega option. I don’t know what is beyond speechless however?
  • If you want to add other monitors though, you are still stuck with Thunderbolt (x2) as there is no HDMI. There is an SDXC slot and 4 USB 3 slots though. And of course Bluetooth and Wireless and a dedicated Ethernet port.

To entice you to buy one, Apple is offering up to AUD$790 trade in an “eligible device” and there is a handy little web page calculator on the website letting you know just what you’ll get for whatever it is you have that is eligible.

Because of the options, getting a definitive price for the new iMac is tricky; starting prices in the Apple store are a shade shy of $2K for a base unit and AUD$2300 if you add the trumpeted “Turbo Boost”.

The starting point for more info is accessed by clicking here.

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