News of the Day … Jun 11th 2019


If you are into 360 / VR video and photography, and we are, then you will be interested in the website Memento 360 which has just added the new feature of “Folders” to its repertoire.

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The (re) imagined Media Composer from AVID arrives June 20

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Imagine HQ iPhone App

View active and complete jobs with the same at-a-glance, colour-coding from ShotPut Pro, plus ShotPut Pro Mac 2019.2

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8 shooting challenges that will help you grow as a videographer

The jury is still out on Andy Warhol, but there’s one thing that nobody can deny – he shook up the art world.

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Flame Painter 4

\The “game-changing” software which allows you to paint and enhance designs and photographs with life-like organic brushes

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Magna Systems demonstrates latest at BroadcastAsia 2019 and CommunicAsia 2019

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