Review: LG Super UHD SM9450 65” TV Part 2

Having had the LG Super UHD SM9450 65” TV for a few weeks now I have come to a major conclusion. The best way to describe it from a review point of view is not what it is but what it does in a real life situation.

Prior to having this behemoth, my setup was quite complicated primarily due to the environment and partly due to the nature of the equipment I have. The major limitation as I mentioned in part 1 of this review is that unlike the majority of Australia, due to location, I don’t exactly get free-to-air television; no, I am reliant on satellite due to distance from a transmitter / repeater (this applies equally to internet access by the way).

This means we have an Alltech satellite set-top box connected to a receiver dish on the roof capable of receiving a shedload of ABC and SBS channels from various states as well as the “standard” commercial stations supplemented by GWN ,  a mishmash of commercial content as well as local news and sport.

The receiver, with a hard drive added via external USB can record incoming signals, but only one channel at a time, which is the same channel you have to watch making it pretty much useless unless recording in absentia. It is connected to the TV (a Phillips 42”) via HDMI.

Now the Phillips only has two HDMI ports meaning that with the Alltech satellite box taking one, with my other devices, I am constantly plugging and unplugging an XBOX, Panasonic DVD / Blu-Ray, the second TV in the bedroom and a Fetch box. Add to this, camcorders, when testing, and it is a right pain in the proverbial.

Additionally, the Phillips has no network connectivity options.

With the LG Super UHD SM9450 65” TV there are no such issues. The Fetch box with a bucketload of recorder material and allows access to lots of ‘net based content, the XBOX can be fired up as either a games console or media device at will, I can enjoy my Pink Floyd and Yes Blu-rays and DVDs whenever I wish and of course there is no HDMI cable nonsense each evening at sleepy bo-bo time making the second TV available.

Additionally, the network awareness by either wireless or cable makes the whole IoT (Internet of Things) perfectly viable with the LG being aware out-of-the-box for such things as Netflix, ABC iView and my own favourite due to The Grand Tour, Amazon Prime among many others.

In simple terms it all just works with the DLink DIR 895 modem acting as the hub of all goodness, media wise. This is also connected to a WD MyCloud EX2 as a NAS, primarily for backups and a Seagate 8TB drive for external network storage.

But as well as acting as the visual centrepiece, the LG has also has an optional party trick up its sleeve in the form of the “Magic Remote Control” which came with the TV and is an extra for other models that support it.

2019-08-05_12-58-37In conjunction with the Super UHD SM9450 65” TV, the LG Magic Remote lets you use the smarts of the unit for channel / program navigation as well as controlling apps and internet browsing – and more besides. As is my case, with the correct setup, you can even use the Magic Remote to control your set top box and other connected devices.

Acting a bit like a mouse, the Magic Remote gives you an on-screen pointer to select on screen items and also has a click-wheel as a second control option for scrolling through menu items or zooming in and out.

But wait! There is more as they say, as the Magic Remote lets you do voice control too. So comprehensive are the capabilities of the Magic Remote there are separate YouTube videos on using this alone.

At the end of the day though, besides all of the smarts and whizzbangery, one thing stands out; the image quality of the LG Super UHD SM9450 65” is a standout. In fact, I have yet to see better.

And believe you me, there is nothing better than seeing something you have shot and edited in 4K played back on a big TV in all its glory.  It’s almost akin to having an iMAX in your own living room.

For users of image recording devices starting at smartphones to top-of-the-range camcorders, dSLR and mirrorless cameras the LG Super UHD SM9450 65” is simply brilliant in this area and highly recommended.

For more info on the LG Super UHD range click here…



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