Here are some video oriented Black Friday deals that might interest.

Halloween, Mother’s and Father’s Day and all other things American seem to be the norm for Aussies these days. Whether that is good or bad I’ll leave for you to decide (and yes I know Halloween started out life as Celtic ritual – probably – but our US cousins turned it into a marketing frenzy).

Speaking of which, yet another is about to hit us, the weird phenomenon of “Black Friday”. I have no idea why either, but there you are.

As a consequence, I have been bombarded of late with “Black Friday Specials” from all and sundry in the video biz, so in the spirit of the event, I thought I’d pass them on as they came in, just in case you have the urge to partake.

As more arrive, and they will no doubt, I’ll add to the list:

Kyno – 40% off Kyno Premium, 30% off Kyno Standard (and upgrades, special deal for 5-seat Kyno Premium team license for 999$/EUR)

Final Draft – Save 30% ($90 off)

AVID – 20% off a subscription to Media Composer or Media Composer | Ultimate (Code BF2019)

BorisFX – Up to 50% off permanent licence product bundles, 25% off subscriptions, 25% off individual products.

* Vegas Pro Suite – save $499,
* Vegas Pro +NewBlue Transition 5 Flow – save $399,
* Vegas Pro 17 Edit + NewBlue Transition 5 Flow – save $299

FXHome – up to 40% off everything (Hitfilm Pro and Imerge Pro products)

DJI – OSMO Action Save $100, OSMO Pocket Save $100, Tello Drone Save up to $80, RONIN-S Save $70

VUZE: VUZE XR 360 3D VR Camera Ultimate Kit Save $236

Mettle: Mettle Super Suite (all three packages for Premiere Pro / After Effects Save 25%

John Barry – Up to 30% off various items including cases, bags, drones, audio and more.

Ready, set, GO!

For what it is worth, the editing packages and plugins are very much a personal thing or based on workflow and needs yes? But Kyno is something I think everyone should have (and no I am NOT on commission). If you are not sure what, why and how, read our review here. And there has been an update since then making it even better.

What do you think about this article? Feel free to comment! (Its anonymous)

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