DaVinci Resolve Studio for Real Time Collaboration for Video of TOYOTA’s RHOMBUS

Nippon Design Center Inc. used DaVinci Resolve Studio for a promotional movie for TOYOTA’s new concept car “RHOMBUS.” Nippon Design Center used the software as a pipeline tool for VFX to work from both Tokyo and Nagoya office in real time.

The TOYOTA “RHOMBUS” is an EV concept car that was proposed on the theme of the values and lifestyles of young people born after 1990.“RHOMBUS” was developed by TMEC, a research and development company based in China, and unveiled at the Shanghai International Motor Show 2019 for the first time.

Nippon Design Center Inc., which was in charge of VFX for the video, is an advertising production company established in 1959 and handles advertisements in various genres such as web design, catalogs, commercials and book design. They also produce TV commercials for big companies such as Toyota, MUJI, and KOSE.

In charge of VFX for this work, they used the collaboration features of DaVinci Resolve as a pipeline tool for managing all the material for producing VFX. Yuki Saito, the CG director, said: “The running scene of RHOMBUS is all made of CG and combined with the background footage. We had a huge amount and different kind of material such as camera footage (LOG, RAW), footage for background which was panoramic videos, panoramic photos and still images, offline material, CG footage, etc. DaVinci Resolve was the best tool for managing and updating such material.”

He continues: “In CG production, each staff member worked on their specialty to complete a job, so footage was scattered because we’ve managed them by date, shooting, CG etc., and it was not possible to manage them centrally. Therefore, we streamlined the work with a workflow in which the camera footage, background material and offline footage were put in the timeline on the Edit page of DaVinci Resolve, and only the parts necessary for creating CG were exported and used. By placing all material on the timeline, we all can see everything as a whole, and always share the latest status.”

DaVinci Resolve’s collaboration feature allows multiple staff to work at the same time, so they can work efficiently. Using the chat function, you can also give instructions and let others make corrections in real time. We have two production bases and used to share the production status in meetings and spreadsheets, but collaboration workflow eliminates transition briefing time and overlapping work, ”he said.

Nippon Design Center’s production bases are located in Tokyo and Nagoya, and each have built their own systems that can communicate with each other via dedicated lines. This collaboration feature is now indispensable for working in two locations, and has allowed them to have already produced various works using the collaboration workflow.

We are a comprehensive creative company, we handle both still image and video. DaVinci Resolve allows anyone, even a photo retoucher who never touched a NLE, to quickly learn the features you need for your work. It is easy to learn and so affordable to start. With collaboration features, we can save time and focus on more creative work than before,” he concluded.

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