“My render stops at x%. What can I do? HELP!!!”

As I read through the various Facebook forums for video editing applications – Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro in particular – the same scream for assistance recurs time and time again. It goes something like this:”

“I am rendering my project and it stops at (fill in your favourite value here) %. Please help me!!!”

Of course, many, many people offer their suggestions, including myself on occasion, but it seems that others who then get caught on this either don’t know how to search forums to find similar issues and corresponding answers or worse, just cannot be bothered to check other posts about the subject in the forum before adding their own sorry tale”.

So in one place, here is what you do.

  1. Split you project in half and render one half as a file and then the other half as a file. If either one passes, then that section of your project is OK and can be ignored for now.
  2. If one fails, then split THAT section in half and render again as per 1.
  3. Repeat this process until you have a section of the project that refuses to render.
  4. Once this offending section is found, remove the clips (or whatever content you have) in that section from the timeline and keep rendering until you find the one section giving the grief
  5. Get rid of that piece and redo it.

You will usually find a bad file or some such thing. At worst case scenario which I have had, the rendering process was stopping at about 40 minutes into a 1 hour project and the problem was simply the computer was overheating.

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