Latest News From FUJIFILM – New 4K and 8K lenses

FUJIFILM Debuts The FUJINON UA125X8: Widest And Longest 4K Lens For UHD Applications

FUJIFILM North America Corporation has debuted the FUJINON UA125X8BESM (UA125X8), a 4K-compatible broadcast lens with the world’s highest*1 zoom ratio of 125X. One of the newest additions to FUJINON’s highly regarded UA Series of 4K lenses, the UA125X’s improved optical image stabilization technology was one of the highlights showcased during a virtual press conference on April 16, 2020.

The UA125X8 box lens covers a focal length from the wide-angle*2 of 8mm~1000mm, with an F1.7 aperture. It is now the longest and widest 4K field lens for Ultra HD applications in the FUJINON UA series, designed for unparalleled 4K performance imaging from today’s new 4K 2/3″ cameras. The new lens uses the company’s proprietary optical technologies to achieve vivid color reproduction and high contrast, producing video with rich gradation using HDR (high dynamic range), which makes it a perfect choice for live coverage of sporting and music events.

“This new UA125x zoom has everything on a producer’s wish list for long-distance 4K UHD shooting,” said Thomas Fletcher, Director of Marketing, Optical Devices Division, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “With its high resolution, high contrast, high dynamic range and our improved optical image stabilization technology, the UA125x captures pristine, rock-steady 4K UHD shots. It can do so at great distances but also features a surprising field of view on the wide end. With an aperture F no. of 1.7, virtual reality connections, and 16-bit encoders, the UA125x8 will soon become the standard for 4K UHD and HD production worldwide. We’re very excited for people to see what this lens can do.”

In addition to having the highest 125X zoom magnification, the UA125X8 also boasts advanced 4K-compatible optical performance, image-resolving capability and rich gradation of tones. It also has high-performance optical image stabilization, nine-blade aperture for natural bokeh, and is equipped with 16-bit encoders*3. The UA125x8 employs the latest High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating (HT-EBC) resulting in richer colors and greatly improved blue response and transmittance. HT-EBC, coupled with Fujifilm’s exclusive Aspheric Technology, reduces ghost and flare, and increases light transmission. A proprietary anti-fogging design minimizes lens fogging and reduces downtime due to moisture—a critical concern when shooting in all types of weather conditions.

UA125x8 small



The penetration of 4K-compatible large-screen television in recent years has increased opportunities for enjoying high-definition 4K video. Amidst accelerated introduction of 4K-compatible video equipment, there is a growing need at the production frontline for high-magnification zoom lenses capable of capturing dynamic close-up video of a distant subject in 4K quality. Thanks to the world’s highest 125X magnification zoom and optical performance that supports 4K video, the UA125X can capture facial expressions and gestures of athletes on the field and performers on stage. Having the world’s highest wide-angle focal length means the lens can also capture an entire sporting or live music venue.

FUJIFILM Showcases Advanced Focus Capabilities Of New FUJINON UA107x Lens With Updated Software For Live Broadcast Coverage

FUJIFILM North America Corporation is pleased to debut the updated FUJINON UA107x8.4 AF (Advanced Focus) 4K broadcast lens, the world’s first 4K box lens that features the Advanced Focus function*1. The lens was showcased during a virtual press conference on April 16, 2020.

The UA107x8.4 AF incorporates a newly developed phase-detection auto focus sensor, achieving fast, tack sharp images with a response speed as fast as 0.45 seconds and boasting an outstanding capability in tracking a moving subject. The lens also features the company’s proprietary image stabilization mechanism and a 107x ultra-magnification zoom that covers focal lengths from 8.4mm to 900mm (1800mm with 2x).

Among the features that make this lens a perfect choice for covering live sports, entertainment, and House of Worship are High Dynamic Range (HDR) and vivid color reproduction. In addition to using aspherical and fluorite elements** to effectively control various types of aberration, the company’s unique multi-layer coating (High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating) boosts the rate of light transmittance, making it possible to deliver vivid color reproduction, as well as HDR-based rich tonal gradation, even under bright sun or at dusk.

According to Dylan Kissel, a student at Michigan State University and sports camera operator for Spartan Vision, who tested the UA107X AF, “It was a really nice being able to just shoot whatever I wanted to and not have to worry about focus. I could whip up to somewhere in the crowd and get the shot, trusting that focus would be there and know I could get back to the game in time. By the end of the first time out, I was very comfortable with it all. I knew the lens was going to take care of me while I got the shots I needed. I didn’t have to worry about taking those extra few seconds to get the focus, and the director didn’t have to worry about it either because he knew it was going to be there and could take my shot.”

The UA107x8.4 AF is a revolutionary product that will transform the way video is produced, as it allows for shooting high image quality 4K video with ease.

“With the advent of 4K video, focus has become critically important in live production and Fujinon’s assisted focus solves the problem with an adaptive, extremely fast and accurate tool that works in even the most demanding lighting conditions,” said David Lemmink, Director of Engineering/Director of Operations, Solotech.

UA107AF- final-NAB small

UA107x8.4 AF

The penetration of 4K-compatible large-screen television in recent years has increased opportunities for enjoying ultra-high-definition 4K video. As such, advanced skills are required from camera operators to manually achieve fast, precise focusing. To meet the needs of today’s videographers, Fujifilm has developed a 4K-compatible broadcast lens equipped with the AF function.

The UA107x8.4 AF’s phase-detection AF sensor and dedicated algorithm was developed with the technological expertise fostered from Fujifilm’s X Series and GFX digital cameras.

FUJIFILM Announces The Development Of Two Additional FUJINON 8K Broadcast Lenses 

FUJIFILM North America Corporation is pleased to announce the development of two new 8K broadcast zoom lenses, both capable of producing dynamic 8K ultra-high-definition images. The FUJINON HP66X15.2ESM (HP66X15.2) box lens reaches the world’s longest 8K focal length of 1,000mm while also featuring the world’s highest zoom magnification of 66x*1. The FUJINON HP12X7.6ERD (HP12X7.6) is a portable lens covering a range of 7.6mm to 91mm, the world’s widest 8K angle of view at 93.3 degrees*1. The lenses are due to be released in the summer of 2020 and the fall of 2020, respectively. The details of this announcement were revealed during a virtual press conference on April 16, 2020.

The HP66X15.2 and HP12X7.6 ultra-high-definition (UHD) lenses feature bayonet mounts targeting three 1.25” sensors for ultra-high 8K resolution. This is bolstered by Fujifilm’s unique multi-layer coating (High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating), which boosts the rate of light transmittance, making it possible to deliver vivid color reproduction, as well as high dynamic range (HDR)-based rich tonal gradation. In addition to using aspherical and fluorite elements*2 to effectively control various types of aberration, both lenses have a nine-blade aperture for natural bokeh and are equipped with 16-bit encoders*3. The HP66X15.2 also features the latest high-performance optical image stabilization mechanism to make 8K production at long focal lengths rock steady. Both lenses can be used with the latest generation of focus accessories to achieve the advanced level of focusing precision that 8K demands.

As broadcast technology early adopters explore the challenges and benefits of 8K production, there are growing needs for high-performance optical equipment compatible with this technology,” said Yuji Igarashi, General Manager, Electronic Imaging Division & Optical Devices Division. “With four times the resolution of 4K video, recording in 8K requires lenses with exceptionally advanced optical performance. Fujifilm has taken the advanced optical technology it has fostered over many years to new heights to develop lenses that not only meet but exceed those demands.”

 The 8K series from FUJINON is now comprised of seven lenses designed for two camera formats. The 8K 1.25” Three Sensor Bayonet-Mount Series includes the HP66x15.2ESM box lens, the HP12x7.6ERD portable lens, the HP7.5×8.5SM box lens, and the HP11x22.5SM box lens. The 8K PL Mount Series includes the SK3x12SM portable lens, the SK7.5×19.7SM portable lens, and the SK20x35ESM box lens.

Fujinon HP12x7.9 small


                              FUJINON HP12x7.9        

Fujinon HP66x small

                                                    FUJINON HP66x

 Today, the use of UHD video is spreading globally, especially in live sports coverage and documentary programs, and is expected to proliferate further, with Japan having launched their 4K/8K UHD satellite broadcasts*4 in December 2018 and China accelerating its move to adopt 8K broadcasts on a commercial level. Amidst these trends, there is also the growing need for high-performance video equipment compatible with the 4K and 8K requirements. Recording 8K video, which has four times the resolution of 4K video, requires lenses with exceptionally advanced optical performance.

Fujifilm will continue to leverage its optical technologies to further expand its industry leading lineup of high-performance broadcast lenses, including lenses compatible with 4K and 8K broadcast cameras.


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