Mum’s Day ideas? Maybe, maybe not. Not our place to judge, but some ideas anyway.

We are not too sure how many Mums want an action camera or drone for their special day in May, but hey, perhaps she wants to help you out with your next video project or something?

Who are we to judge?

Just in case though, DJI has suggested some ideas that might be useful if you have sneakily discovered your Mum is a serial movie maker on the QT and is just missing that last bit of kit you absolutely KNOW she needs.

The three we have personally found that are particularly useful are the DJI MAVIC Mini drone, OSMO Pocket and OSMO Mobile 3.

You can find tutorials on the latter two at:

And of course there is heaps of stuff on the MAVIC Mini drone around the interwebs including our very own review at

We have reviews on the OSMO Pocket and OSMO Mobile too. And if you are after an action camera, DJI has the OSMO Action.

And no, this is NOT a paid commercial (sadly).

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