Are we all becoming just a wee bit Trumpian?

Over the last few days I have been busy creating basic tutorials. The premise is that although those of us who have been creating video for years or even decades are familiar with the tools, the majority are not.

In the current climate – and into the future for other reasons – video is a necessity to keep in touch, learn, document and yes, remember the fun times of the past – but if all you have is a smartphone and want to get rid of the minutes or possibly hours of dross you have captured with the good stuff, then where do you start?

What is the best NLE? Jeez, what IS an NLE? What about audio? How do I add a title?


And so on.

That is what these tutorials are aiming to help with in small bite size sessions and useful for both Android and iPhone as well as those with dedicated cameras and camcorders no matter they be Windows or Mac users.

Yesterday, Sony announced a new camera aimed at this market, the ZV-1. Vloggers is one of the main demographics it is chasing, and whilst I haven’t yet played with one, I am sure it will do a fine job.


However, a comment from a long-time colleague who saw our post about the release of the ZV-1 on this website got me thinking.

In the comment, he said “What a world we live in, when new imaging devices are targeted not at those who want to share the wonders of the world around them as much as turn the camera on themself.

So I wonder, are we all becoming a little narcissistic about things as well as self-centred somewhat like a mad bastard on the other side of the world has been for 3 ½ years or more?

Should we instead be showing people what we see through the lens and not just ourselves in front of it?

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Are we all becoming just a wee bit Trumpian?

  1. you mean the mad bastard who created the best economy in US history,the lowest african american unemplyment in history and on and on his acheivments go


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