Interview: Filmmaker Mark Regan, creator of ‘The Memory’.

3 - Mark Regan FilmmakerMark Regan is a writer and filmmaker based in Mandurah, Western Australia. He writes short and feature drama scripts and has been involved in numerous local film productions as a director, producer and cinematographer.

Mark began to create stories when he was a child and has always dreamed of sharing them with a wide audience. He is motivated to make stories that ask big questions and encourage the audience pause and reflect.

In 2002 Mark graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of Communications in Media and Film Studies. He has been teaching film and digital media at Murdoch Institute of Technology since 2006.

Mark co-hosts the podcast Space Brains which reviews Science Fiction films weekly. He loves taking photographs and is an all-round creative punk.

Mark’s dream is to direct compelling drama films that appeal to a wide audience and contribute to the Australian Film Industry.

Australian Videocamera caught up with Mark and asked him about his latest project, ‘The Memory’.

AV: Describe your current project

MR: The Memory is a short film I wrote and directed during 2019.  It is a psychological thriller about discovering the truth about our memories.  The film will hopefully make audiences take notice of their own memories and how we process them. 

Actors Kara Perrin and Lee Thomas

AV: Where was it shot?

MR: Mandurah, Western Australia

AV: What inspired you to create this project using that particular subject matter?

MR: I like exploring ideas of perception, memory and the power of the mind.

AV: When did you start?

MR: Writing the script started at the beginning of 2019.  Developing and finishing the script occurred during October 2019. Preproduction and planning happened during November 2019 and shooting occurred over the weekend of November 30th and December 1st

AV: What was it finished (first screening) date?

MR: The goal was for the finished film to be edited and ready for festival submissions by 1st of February, 2020 and we achieved this.

AV: What budget did you have?

MR: Very low, $1000 – all production roles were completed as volunteers.   

AV: How were funds raised?

MR: I funded it myself.

AV: How many people worked in the project? Cast? Crew? Roles of crew?

MR: There were two actors required for the cast.  Production crew consisted of the following: Director, Assistant Director, DOP, Sound Technician, Producer, Makeup Artist, Editor and Stills Photographer.

AV: What camera(s) were used to shoot the project?

MR: Sony DSLR.

AV: What software used to edit (NLE)?

MR: Final Cut

AV: Any other software eg plugins, special effects, motion graphics, audio etc?

MR: None.

AV: What audio equipment used (Mic type and brand(s)?

MR: Sennheiser 416 and Zoom H4N recorder.

AV: What distribution is to be used for the finished product?

MR: The film will be in the festival circuit for 2020 and then released online in 2021.

AV: What’s next?

MR: A website about me and my productions will be launching in the second half of 2020.  I will be shooting a science fiction short film in August 2020.  I also do a science fiction film podcast called Space Brains on a fortnightly basis which is available and on Itunes, Spotify etc.

AV: Any comments you’d like to make about any aspect of the project?

MR: It was a great experience. Preproduction had the normal stresses but production went really well. The crew worked amazingly together, creatively and professionally.  I am excited about the finished product. 

Readers can get further information on Mark and the project at:

  • Youtube channel

  • Teaser Trailer
  • Trailer
  • Behind the scenes director’s diary.
  • Facebook

  • Instagram

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