GoPro now offers unlimited Cloud storage

If you are a GoPro user, then you have probably heard of the GoPro Quik app.

For $14.99/year, Quik subscribers will benefit from automatic video creation, premium themes, GoPro Original music, exclusive filters and premium editing tools to take thir photo and video content to the “next level” as GoPro calls it. Today, subscribers can add unlimited mural backup at 100% source quality to that list.

More depth info and a review is here.

If you are a subscriber – and at $14.99 pa or $2.99 pm it’s a bargain – and now can get unlimited cloud storage at no extra cost.

Unlimited mural backup is unlocked in Quik v8.11, available today on Android and coming soon to iOS. Quik is free to download and use on a trial basis


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