Review: ELGATO Ring Light

I like elegant solutions to problems. Ones that are well thought out, practical, value for money and importantly, go the extra mile to not only provide an answer to a situation but also give a little more than what was expected.

The Elgato Ring Light is one such solution.

The other week I waxed lyrical about the Elgato multi-mount system, and the Ring Light comes from the same family of products and shares the pedigree inherent in the overall design.

The Elgato Ring Light is approximately 430mm in outer diameter (17” in the old money) and 310mm inner (12.2”) and uses OSRAM LEDs in conjunction with opal glass, a translucent grid panel and reflective aluminium film to provide an even light with no hotspots or flicker.

It provides up to 2500 LUMENS of light, and both brightness and colour temperature (2900 – 7000K) can be controlled either by combination presses of the manual switches or better, by an app available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

The unit is mounted via a ball head onto an aluminium extendable pole (up to 54mm) that has a desk clamp. It is of course compatible with the multi-mount system letting you use the flexibility that provides for location and angle.

The whole thing out of the box weighs just over a kilo.

And the extra mile?

Inside the “ring” is a universal mount that can take an Elgato phone mount (for vlogging), microphone, or in my case, a GoPro Hero 9 in a Media Mod and powered externally by a JayCar Powertech Powerbank.

The Elgato Ring Light retails for around AUD$330 and comes with a wall mountable, large Quick reference card in the box.

If you are into serious VLOGGING, then you understand just how important good lighting is, and the Elgato Ring Light is, as said, an elegant and excellent solution for the problem allowing to create a variety of lighting environments at the click of a mouse button.

More information is available from the ELGATO website at






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