New Project: Fitting out a boat for shooting video

I’ve owned boats most of my adult life. The very first was an old, second hand scow of a thing called “Tedanna” (no I didn’t know Ted nor Anna) that continually broke down on the Swan River in Perth much to everyone else’s amusement.

Finally giving up, myself and brothers Graeme and Stephen sold it and bought a brand new Freedom 5 metre sports runabout that we had many happy hours in, fishing in Cockburn Sound or blasting across to Rottnest Island. We even towed it down south to Margaret River and Augusta three New Years’ Eve in a row for a week of camping, fishing, snorkelling and partaking of Emu Exports and Johnnie Walkers Black.

15 years subsided before I got my next, a simple 4 metre tinnie runabout in Sydney that I sold before returning to Western Australia in 2003.

But now I have a new boat that is a bit bigger and warrants a story.

You see, for the first time, I have decided to fit this one out for video. That’s right, have permanent mounts and the like for multiple cameras and audio in order to catch all the expected fishing action (!) and other on briny shenanigans over the coming summer.

And it all starts with these.

And I say, “starts”, because it will certainly NOT end there. Oh no. I have big plans …

Stay tuned for the different episodes in how I will running with this project.

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