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Are You A Stream Deck User (or a Loupedeck CT one)

If so, SideshowFX has released a FREE Microsoft Outlook profiles pack for you. And if you are  Loupedeck CT user, I am informed there’ll be a version for you soon, also free. Check it at […]

Case Studies

A welcome side benefit …

I have discovered there are 3rd party add on “packs” for the Loupedeck CT (and other consoles such as the upcoming Loupedeck Live S and current Streamdeck) for a whole swag of programs. These include Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cakewalk and Cubase, Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere Pro, Cinema 4D and Blender, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Excel and Word and more […]


Adobe After Effects. You need to try it. (It’s not THAT hard…). You’re welcome!

Simply, it is a program that allows you to change the properties of an object over time top create a video clip. A property can be a shape, colour or size as demonstrated here, but it could equally be an image, a pixel, a mathematical expression – anything that can be applied to an “object” is effectively a property. And the possibilities are endless. […]