LUMI.MEDIA Launches New Cloud Casting Tool

Australian fast growth start up digitally transforming TV production, Lumi.Media today launched a new casting tool to make it fast and easy to source talent for any production across television, film, digital, radio, advertising and to manage digital, social media and radio competition entries.

This Aussie startup came to the rescue during the pandemic, enabling the film and production industry to adopt hybrid working and continue productions during lockdowns and restrictions. Lumi.Media is transforming not just how productions are made in Australia, but the visionary technology is also now powering TV productions in the US and UK.

The popularity of a show and the number of applicants it draws should be a big plus, not a minus. Our new casting tool optimises the process for both producers and applicants, saving time, cost and complexity, and giving teams the opportunity to offset the cost of processing and securely storing applications. It can also be used to manage the hundreds to thousands of applicants digital, social media and radio competitions can generate,” enthuses Karen Dewey, CEO, Lumi.Media.

Lumi.Media is a complete end-to-end workflow platform, delivered as a SaaS, that centralises the processes of a production. Lumi does the heavy lifting so production teams can focus on being creative. Everyone involved in the production can see what they need in a way that makes sense to them. It provides a multidimensional view of information and tracks everything through the entire production lifecycle. Successful teams using Lumi.Media now include ITV UK – Love Island, Endemol Shine Australia – Survivor, Eureka Productions – Luxe Listings Sydney and Beyond Productions – Pooch Perfect USA.

“Lumi is made by producers, for producers. Our new casting tool provides an exceptional application and registration experience for both applicants and the professional teams sourcing them. From first-touch to end-of-project, Lumi centralises information and makes it easy to share, collaborate and communicate in one place. Brands and organisations can also use the tool to coordinate the running of competitions and giveaways,” she explains.

The production industry has typically been reliant on manual processes, spreadsheets and knowledge within the heads of producers. With the volume of applications now spanning thousands for each new season, time and costs of securely handling applicants in bulk have skyrocketed. This coupled with the pandemic and various restrictions has led to the industry desperately needing a digital solution that is cost effective, and enables information to be retained and accessed across productions and seasons.

Product benefits for teams:

  • Easy set up. Create personalised application forms. Capture key details, add customised questions and request candidates photos, videos, and social media accounts.
  • Reflect the personality of your brand and engage your audience from first-touch. Add your own branding, control the theme, start and expiry dates, T&Cs and key messaging.
  • Secure data. Multi-layer protocols secure data coming into and being held within the Lumi platform.
  • Never miss a good candidate. Capture key applicant information from the first screen. As part of the verification step, an applicant’s first name, last name, email address and phone number will be captured, even if they don’t go any further with the application.
  • View all candidates in a central inbox. Each new application automatically creates an Applicant Card in Lumi. Information is auto-populated from the form and can be used across the broader platform.
  • Set rapid review filters and process thousands of applications as they roll directly into your Lumi inbox. Sort, filter, and refer by your most important criteria so the cream rises to the top, faster. Track each applicant’s progress.
  • Bulk message applicants by email/SMS inside Lumi, using the Communication Centre. Send and receive files, reels, contracts, and consents – and have them automatically stored against the relevant applicant’s card.
  • Discover and manage talent. From applicant registration through to project delivery, securely in one place.
  • Fee Recovery. Offset the cost of processing and securely storing applications using an optional micro payment charge.

Product benefits for applicants:

  • Access the application form via familiar QR codes and/or web links.
  • Easy to use and mobile-friendly.
  • Streamlined and consistent interactions.
  • Privacy and security of personal data.

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