Is this the next non-linear revolution

Here’s a quick message from the folk at AVID. Note the times are USA PACIFIC and GMT NOT Australian!


You’re invited to join the Avid Community Association & the DPP in a special webcast that brings together experts to explore whether the editing process has changed – are you ready to join the debate?

This 90-minute event is on 10/3/22 and starts at 11:30AM EST / 08:30AM PST / 16:30 GMT / 17:30 CET.

Video editing workflows were transformed in the 1990s by the arrival of Avid and Lightworks – but have changed very little since. Could that be about to change, forever? Today, when does an edit begin, and when does it end?

The DPP Next Gen Production Network brings together companies along the content supply chain to provide advice and insight and to share experience and best practices. This webinar will feature the following speakers:

  • Craig Dwyer, VP Global Cloud & SaaS Practice at Avid
  • Lisa Gray, Executive Producer at Bild Studio
  • David (Klaf) Klafkowski, Founder & CEO at Racoon
  • John Laskas, Creative Director/Founder at Black Spot Media Group
  • Gemma Nicholson, Founder at Post Super

We hope to see you there!

If you experience any problems registering for DPP events or watching any online events, please contact



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