Female/Non-binary Feature Lab Attagirl Launches Second Year of Programming

Global film incubator Attagirl has launched its second year program, following a successful pilot year supporting women and non-binary filmmakers. 

The flagship program, which is supported by Screen Australia, the British Film Institute (BFI) and Telefilm Canada, is progressing seven teams into its industry-facing workshops as part of the film incubator’s second year of programming. 

For Film’s Sake, the advocacy nonprofit behind the Attagirl initiative, is gathering crucial data and insights from its first and second year programs in the lead up to the release of its Attagirl Pilot Report in late 2022.

“Our preliminary findings indicate a more diverse and representative talent pipeline is dependent not only on access to funding, but crucially, access to the global industry. Gaining knowledge and networking is critical for filmmakers to understand the market readiness of their projects,” says For Film’s Sake’s executive director Sophie Mathisen. 

“Efforts to diversify the pipeline have historically focused on funneling new and emerging talent into the sector. And while that’s vital, our report data suggests that redressing the imbalance of women and non-binary folx (folks) working in feature films will best be achieved by programs and policies that deliver talent retention — as well as talent attraction.

“This year’s progressing teams represent a diverse cross section of filmmakers who have clearly demonstrated their willingness and capacity to adapt their projects for specifically targeted audiences. We’re thrilled to be supporting an exciting cohort of established, mid career as well as first time feature filmmakers.”

The seven teams who have progressed to Attagirl Stage Two include participants from Australia, Canada, Portugal, South Africa, Scotland, Wales and England:

  • A CUP OF TEA by writer/director Dee Dogan and producer Bethany Bruce
  • FEED by writer Stephanie Johns and director/producer Nancy Ulrich 
  • SPRING TIDE by writer Jodie Ashdown, director Amy Coop, and producer Daniel Harris
  • LAUGH CLUB by writer Lou Sanz and producer Michael Wrenn 
  • MEDIUM BELUGA by writer/director Laura Bergeron, producer David Baeta, and producer Simon Madore
  • WHO’S AFRAID by writer Sarah Walker, director/producer Nicole Da Silva, and director/producer Danielle Cormack 
  • BIG FISH by writer/director/producer Victoria Thomas, producer Eliane Ferreira, and producer Cati Weinek

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