Invitation: Content Velocity

You’re invited to attend:

Content Velocity
Empowering team collaboration with new on-premise, cloud and hybrid workflows
22 Mar 22, Sydney


Producing content with fast-paced deadlines and mixed remote and on-premise teams is a reality for many organisations. How do you achieve maximum content velocity while empowering team collaboration with on-prem, cloud and hybrid workflows and media? How do you keep control of your media and allow maximum creativity without compromising quality?

We’ve combined presentations with practical demonstrations from local and overseas expert presenters to provide insights on how to deliver enhanced end-to-end remote production and collaborative editing workflows.

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend an exclusive Sydney venue to

  • see the technology in action
  • network with industry experts and peers
  • enjoy refreshments (including welcome breakfast or networking drinks and nibbles)

If located outside of Sydney or unable to make it in person, there is a registration option to attend the live stream, so register now.


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