ViewSonic Launches New TD1655 Portable Monitor for Work and Play Anywhere

ViewSonic Corp has announced the launch of its 15.6” portable touchscreen monitor TD1655. The TD1655 provides a one-cable solution that extends content from laptops, smartphones, and gaming consoles easily. Through two universal Type C connectors, it can deliver up to 60W of two-way power, so users can charge their connected devices while using the portable monitor.

The TD1655 comes in a compact 15.6-inch size and is lightweight at less than 1 kilogram, and has a slim 6mm thickness, meaning it can go anywhere you want to use it. It’s a one-cable solution that provides audiovisual, power, and touch signal transmission. With its built-in back stand and pivotable display, users can adjust the viewing angle and orient the screen in both portrait and landscape viewing modes, making it more versatile for a number of use cases. 

Two-way power with USB Type C
Unlike most portable monitors on the market today, the ViewSonic TD1655 portable monitor comes with a 60W PD power adapter. Furthermore, the TD1655 has dual USB Type C ports that can quickly deliver video and audio over a single cable, as well as two-way power. A connected laptop can power the TD1655, or the TD1655 can power a connected laptop via the power adapter.

Highly Compatible for Greater Flexibility
The TD1655 supports different operating systems, including Windows, Android, Chrome, and Mac OS. Therefore, it can be used with a variety of laptops, tablets, smartphones, and video game consoles.  

Durable Design
The TD1655 features a durable form factor thanks to its magnetic cover and mat, robust one-piece design, and metal case and aluminum stand. Combined, these design features help to make the TDG1655 road-worthy for work anywhere, or for moving around the workplace or home with greater peace of mind that the device will withstand the rigors of use. The screen of TD1655 is made with built-in 6H hardness for added durability and features anti-scratch protection that can even stand up to key scratches.

Pricing and availability
The ViewSonic TD1655 16” Touchscreen Portable Monitor is now available at RRP $599.

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