New Case for DJI Action 2

If you bought a DJI Action 2, you might have noticed it does get a tad warm when shooting. This, DJI says, is because it was designed with a metal case specifically to dissipate the heat.

The problem there, apart from getting hands a little warmer than nature probably intended, is that when the Action 2 gets hot, it shuts itself down to protect its innards.

So, DJI has released a Magnetic Protective Case made of a heat resistant polymer that will not only protect the camera from scratches and bumps, but also reduce the surface temperature of the camera and therefore allow longer recording times.

If you buy a new DJI Action 2 now, the case is included in the price. If you already have an Action 2, then you can register to get a freebie sent to you (you’ll also need to install a firmware update that detects the case).

Its fully compatible and will not affect any expansion ports or use of accessories.

You can find out how to claim your free case here.

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