Review: RØDE NTH-100 Headphones

Headphones can tend to be a personal thing. One set may be my favourite to listen to Pink Floyd through, but someone else may think they suck for Billie Eilish.

It all depends on all sorts of techie things like frequency range and how they are “tuned”. For my music, I love my Sennheiser HD 300 Pro headphones.

But the new RØDE NTH-100 over ear cans are a different kettle of fish altogether. These are not setup so that any bass will rattle your back teeth. These are, like the Sennheiser HD400 Pros, monitoring headphones designed specifically for audio creation, mixing, music production, podcasting, on-location shoots and so on.

You see, what you are hearing is exactly what the sound is like; it has not been coloured or enhanced in any way at all. This means, for example, you can detect any flaws in the recording and compensate according in the production stage.

I received a set today from RØDE and I have to say I am extra impressed! There has been some serious thought placed into the NTH-100s from someone who obviously walks the walk as against simply (simply?) being an engineer.

Accepting the sound is brilliant – and you’d expect this from a company with a pedigree of RØDE – the NTH-100s have some nice touches that set them apart.

For one, they are super comfortable with memory foam ear pads, which is important when you may be in an editing suite for hours on end. Next, thoughtfully, the cable, which is of a decent length, is relocatable to the left or right-hand sides of the headphones and you get an adaptor to switch between a 3.5mm and ¼” jacks.

And the headband is fully adjustable and can be locked in place.

Finally, the price is realistic. At AUD$229 or thereabouts they are great value.

Highly recommended.

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