Latest FREE edition of Australian Videocamera e-Magazine now available

Please find below a link to the latest e-Edition of Australian Videocamera magazine. There is a great mix of stories this week and I am sure you’ll find at least some are of interest to you.

Inside is:

  • The week’s industry news
  • Review: DJI Mic
  • Interview: James Taylor from Videocraft re: Digistor/Adimex acquisition
  • Technique: Could you use a 3D printer (Short answer is yes and no they are not expensive)
  • Revealed: Cinematographer of the Year
  • Flashback: Is it real? Surely not

Thanks for reading and supporting us. For any questions or ideas etc, please feel free to contact me via or phone 0456952227

Click the image below to download (approx 1Mb PDF)





or click here

David Hague
Managing Editor/Publisher


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