Loupedeck CT Tutorial

I have mentioned many times that I had a Contour ShuttlePro over the years acting as a controller (jog / shuttle) for my adventures with Vegas Pro.

About a year and a half ago I was sent a Loupedeck CT and when a profile for Vegas Pro appeared for that I made the switch.

Then I changed my NLE of choice – for most things – to Da Vinci Resolve, and there being a Loupedeck CT profile for that too, it followed in concert with the Da Vinci Resolve Speed Editor Control deck I use.

Many years ago I used Adobe Premiere, and whilst I don’t use it now (I still use After Effects of course), it is still a fine NLE, especially in conjunction with the rest of the Creative Cloud apps. Loupedeck CT works here too, and I found a YouTube tutorial that may help those trying to come to grips, or alternatively convince those dithering that a Loupedeck CT is a worthwhile investment.


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