GoPro and Drone Tutorials

Whilst I enjoy writing and creating tutorials, there is little point in reinventing the wheel in  many cases, unless there is a particular angle I want to cover in my own style, or more rarely, it has not been done before (or more likely I can’t find one).

The same goes for drone tutorials.

BUT. There are a lot of tutorials out there covering these two subjects and I have looked at many of them. To me, whilst there are some very good ones, there is also a heap of very bad ones that have little or no production value, terrible audio, are not concise enough or are w-a-y too verbose, badly shot or incomprehensible.

So I have decided to wade through a bunch of ’em see what I think are ones that will be useful to my readers and put links to them. If I find that there are gaps missing in content, I’ll write some to fill it.

So I’ll have a separate section by the end of today on the Home Page that is there purely for GoPro (and other action cams) tutorials and another for drone tutorials – which let’s face it, basically means DJI these days.

Comments and suggestions are welcome of course!

What do you think about this article? Feel free to comment! (Its anonymous)

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