“I can’t pay but you’ll get an IMDB credit.” Yeah… right. I can bank that, no problem.

I appreciate that many want to make films but lack the monetary firepower to do so and therefore ask people to assist with all the good intentions. But there are a number, who in my book, simply take advantage of the good will of others in order to be able to play in the cinematic version of a sandpit.

These are the ones that plead the sad story of no money, but we’ll “give IMDB credits”, and promise a share of the spoils down the track.

Apparently, it will be “good for the portfolio” and other such nonsense, all the while just wanting to play Stephen Spielberg or some other similar fantasy in their own minds.

The problem is that for everyone who is legitimately giving the film making thing a good crack and does need assistance, there are 99 who are simply taking advantage.

For example, there is one that pops up quite often in the various newsgroups asking for people to be in their show as presenters. It’s based around international cooking they say and seen by MILLIONS. But we can only pay you $20.

Bullshit to that and I have said so online in their requests many times. I never get a response, Funny that.

Another one has popped up lately, and its base is, to my shame, currently my home State of WA. Apparently, a mob called ‘Premiere+’ is sideways promising to make Disney stars out teens and sub teens. They are saying you’ll get a gig in their US online streaming productions as a leg-up if you make the grade.

As long as mum and / or dad pay an ‘audition fee’ of up to USD$15,000 that is.

What’s that I smell? I dead rat?

But when you read the fine print and dig deeper, it turns out there are no guarantees, and indeed, the Disney organisation has back pedalled from any association with the company at a million miles and hour. And its not the first time either.

In fact, the only promise you get – and is itself vague – is on the company’s website which says “Every actor appearing in a Premiere+ production [receives] an acting credit on IMDb to recognize [sic] their participation. With many of our shows popular in over 100 countries, it gives the actors on our shows quite a fan base.”

Now where have I heard that before…

The ABC originally broke the story on the 7:30 Report, and it has been picked up by The Guardian. You can read the full thing here.

So, l if you are genuinely trying to get a film project off the ground and need assistance via the kindness of others using their skills, equipment etc and cannot immediately offer anything in return, I’d be wording my request(s) very, very carefully from now on.

You don’t want to be forever tarred with the same brush this mob are getting.

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