“Smartphone cameras will make DSLR cameras obsolete by 2024″… Say what?

I read a report today that suggested Nikon was pulling out of the dSLR camera business. A leap was then made by the writer that this was probably because Terushi Shimizu, CEO of Sony Semiconductor Solutions said that smartphone cameras will make DSLR cameras obsolete by 2024.

Well Nikon may well be quitting the single lens reflex market as mirrorless seems to have taken it over anyway, but the company whilst not denying it said they had not made any statement to that fact.

But smartphones taking over? What utter codswallop.

I wrote an article not that long back that asked the question “After 15 years can the iPhone match a dedicated dSLR?

Like most of the stories, reviews etc we post here, this was also placed in appropriate Facebook Newsgroups and the response from most of those involved in this area – professional shooters not hobbyists or Apple Fanbois – were unanimous in their snorting derision.

The major issue was summed up by one responder who said “yeah, when they can bolt a 70-200mm lens on a smartphone”.

What is generally forgotten is that any enhancement to a smartphone image, especially zooming, is digital, not analogue and the quality suffers as a consequence.

Sure, the smartphone has decimated that small camcorder / still camera market, you know, the models we used to take on holidays.

But replace professional level gear? As the Ninja Cat said in the movie Cats and Dogs, “I think not little puppy”.

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