Question: Have LGBTQI films replaced the Zombie/Slasher genre as favourites to make?

I know I am going to get bashed over the ears about this, but I am genuinely interested in the question. No, seriously I am.

A few years back I noted that a very large majority of the folk who posted in the various Facebook Groups about their new “feature film” or short film (and usually wanted cast and crew for nix) were shooting a zombie or slasher film. And the word ‘Noir” was often thrown in the description to, I presume, make it sound arty.

My point at the time was that it seemed to me there was little imagination in subject matter being thought out. It was an easy route, involved dress ups, and the budding makeup people got to play with blood and gore as is their wont.

Was it caused by the success of The Blair Witch Project? I have no idea. That’s something I have never seen, and ‘horror does not particularly interest me as a genre quite frankly. Proper science fiction that actually involves science and not some superhero is more my thing.

In this area I am at odds with my more famous brother who is the successful author of a number of Australian horror books such as “Ghost Beyond Earth”, “Places of Evil” and “The Devil’s Numbers” along with a series of “Tales of the Paranormal”. You can catch him (and them) here.

Maybe he’ll want them turned into a movie. Ask him. He does thrillers and mystery novels too.

Anyway, the mood seems to have changed a bit and I note that the horror / zombie / slasher genre doesn’t seem to be in favour as much anymore, instead being replaced by everyone wanting to make LGBTQI films. Or ones about Drag Queens.

So my question is simply, is it because this is just the current flavour of the month? I mean, “Priscilla” was decades ago now. Or is Ru Paul the new inspiration, or perhaps even Courtney Act on Aunty ABC?

Or have I missed something entirely?

Let me know. And comments down below are anonymous by the way.

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