Released: Mercalli v6 for Windows

If you look at your friends with their GoPros with its natty inbuilt Hypersmoothing and are envious, there is hope. And in a lot of cases it is better.

ProDAD, which has made add on niche packages for years has just released Mercalli v6 for Windows. Now I have only just got a review version this very minute, but I have been using Mercalli for probably 15 years now with a number of projects / cameras, and I have to say it is superb.

So what does Mercalli do? Basically it takes rough footage and smooths it out by using some very clever algorithms, and now with added AI apparently.

You can get a download trial if you want to have a play yourself.

Back in 2018 I asked expert Chris Oaten to review the Mac version of Mercalli v5, so while I check out what they have added and what is improved etc, you might like to have a read of Chris’ review. He even has a before and after video.

It’s here

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