It’s All Apple’s Fault. Of course.

Over the years Apple has forged many new innovations that others have reluctantly and grumbly followed in order to keep pace. Of course the probable most important was the iPhone concept.

But there is another beautiful Apple innovation (I bet my friends never thought they would hear me say THOSE two words in the same sentence) that I also applaud.

Its packaging.

All of a sudden packaging became almost a Work of Art, and major companies leapt on the bandwagon.

I can think of DJI in particular (its packaging of the Robomaster was exquisite AND functional), but recently Zhiyun also have brilliant packaging. Today, I received a SmallRig Cage for my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K and it too looks like something you never want to pull apart, but instead put in a glass cage, illuminated by soft light and simply admired lovingly for its beauty.

But Bah Humbug I say!

Once unpacked, have you EVER managed to get everything back in the box the way it came out? No nor have I.

Worse, with the penchant these days to put all the small bits into those soft, translucent plastic bags, you need to rip these apart at the start to get the stuff out in the first place. So that’s the end of them.

And then there are the companies that seal everything, so you have completely obliterate the outside wrapping to be able to attack the INSIDE wrapping (looking at you GoPro).

And don’t get me started on bloody blister packs!

Can we please go back to good old, simplified packaging where you open the box and there it is.

And don’t need a degree in project management and origami to get to it.

Then there is operating manuals with text so small you can’t even read ‘em!

I’ll stop now.

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