New DJI OSMO Action3

It appears that DJI has discarded the design used in the Action 2 with its modular magnetic clamping system and reverted to the “standard” action cam design of old.

All we have seen is photographs, a video and some details of specs, but the new one looks interesting to say the least.

For starters, it can be mounted traditionally from the base ond also vertically, is waterproof down to 16 meters without any external casing, has a 160 minute battery life and will operate down to -20C. Interestingly, the battery in the OSMO Action 3 is still removable allowing battery changes whereas GoPro with its new model 11 has apparently opted for a built in battery. The OSMO Action 3 battery also supports fast charging with an 80% recharge possbile in 18 minutes the company says.

There are also dual touch screens, a 155 degree field of view, 4K footage up to 120 frames per second and built in stabilisation modes called RockSteady and HorizonSteady.

The sensor is said to be a 1 1/7″ unit with special colour sensing and white balance technology. Voice control is also available for the first time I am aware of in a DJI product.

They have also played with the audio recording abilities it seems with wind reduction built in and the option to tell the camera from which direction to pull the audio.

The DJI MIMO app has been upgraded incorporating a lot of new features including support for live streaming, editing and more.

Pricing is around AUD$520 for the main unit and there is a swag of new accessories available too.

I have requested a test unit of course and will do a complete review as soon (and if) one materialises.

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