Initial Impressions: DJI AVATA

The first thing that struck me after opening the packaging for the DJI AVATA is how tiny it was compared to say my Air2S or the FPV! The attached photo shows this next to my prized Nikon pen I was given on a trip to the Nikon factory about a month after the Fukushima disaster, following the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in the area.

(Astonishingly, Nikon had the factory in full production mere weeks after the whole thing).

And once again, the elegance and simplicity of the DJI packaging shines through with everything you need all packaged neatly in place.

There are no mysteries as to what does what, or where something goes to make it all work, and all that is necessary is to charge the batteries (I also have the Fly More kit which has an extra 2 batteries and a four-battery charger as against the single charger that comes with the AVATA drone alone). Oh and you also need to charge the separate battery via a USB-C cable that is used for the goggles (I prefer the term headset) power.

You also get the Motion controller – a single handheld joystick affair as against a Playstation / XBOX stye controller and this needs to be charged too.

One nice touch, which I have yet to fully work out is some attachments for the headset – goggles – designed to assist those, like me, who wear glasses.

Tomorrow, we go and fly! (Weather permitting). I shall report back then with my results and thoughts and video of course. But this looks like serious fun, compared to the FPV which even after a few flights, scares the crap out of me it is FAST!

 But yeah OK, that is fun too, just heart-in-the-mouth-will-I-crash-fun!

On the bright side, the AVATA has prop guards and sensors to avoid collision which gives a modicum of security! And of course, as I discovered yesterday, there is the DJI Simulator to practice on.

Check back for my AVATA full review!

Hopefully by this time tomorrow.

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