Is it art? Or just an eyesore? Perth made docco “The City of Art” aims to find out.

Local Perth filmmaker Wayne Waples tells me that he has made a documentary called “The City of Art” that explores street art around that city in Western Australia.

Featuring seven different artists, one subject that is looked at is graffiti – just because some artwork has been done illegally should it be considered art or not? The documentary also explores the legal pathways for young people and look at what local council programs are available.

The documentary will premiere at the Backlot Perth on the 27th of October and all the details can be found here.

Later in November it will be broadcast on SBS and will be available on SBS on Demand.

Here is a trailer for the program.

For those interested in the technical side:

The time taken for thr shoot was 3 months with a further 2 months editing time.

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