When was the last time you checked?

We all fastidiously look after our equipment making sure it is kept dry and clean, lenses checked for dust spots, tripod mechanisms kept oiled or greased, drones regularly checked for any fractures or loose props and gimbals locked and put away after use and cleaning.

Batteries are kept in good condition, SD cards and portable drives regularly checked for errors and reformatted – the list goes on and on.

But I wonder how many people as religiously check that all hardware updates are kept up to date?

This morning I decided to do a quick audit of my gear and found that in total I had no less than 27 devices that used a firmware update system in some form or another, and 12 of these were out of date.

Upon checking further, some of these updates were declared as “critical” by the manufacturer…

So there goes my afternoon!

Next is to check what software updates I might need to employ on my 3 PCs.

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