Up To 5 Canon Cameras in a USB Based Multi-Cam Streaming System. Well, Almost.

Every so often I come across a snippet of information that has been around for a while, but I was not aware of. Sometimes these are useful, and others are filed away as they might be useful in the future. And sometimes they lead on to bigger and better things.

Today I received information that Canon has released a utility that lets you to connect up to five compatible Canon camera models via USB to allow a multi-cam streaming system. Out-of-the-box it is compatible with all the favourites – Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, Zoom, Teams and so on.

This was timely information for me as I am having an extended play with streaming, primarily with my Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro with an aim to try and replicate a mini-TV studio right he in my office. More on that at another time, but it’s exciting!

Anyway, the email I received on the new Canon utility didn’t have any links, it was just a story, so I contacted the Canon product manager in Australia for more information. He advised this particular utility, in that form, was only available in the US at this stage.

Why? Who knows?

But anyway, it turns out there is a single camera version available right now and has been for a while. You can download it here.

The instructions for installing it (in the video below) do sort of gloss over one point that had me flummoxed for a few minutes. I have a Canon 5Ds which to my surprise was compatible (the list of compatible models is here), but once the software is installed, there is no obvious way of firing it up.

A bit of lateral thinking made me realise after a moment or two that this is only a driver. You simply start your app of choice and then select EOS Webcam Utility as your camera, and presto!

You can set the camera on AutoTragic and let it do its thing or manually control it if you want.

Be aware though, the EOS Webcam Utility does not capture the sound from your camera’s microphone or even one plugged into the cameraa. You’ll need a separate source for that such as a mic in your computer.

There are both Mac and Windows versions of the EOS Webcam Utility and it is free. If and when we get the 5-camera version, it will have a subscription price apparently.

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