Black Friday Deals

Some vendors have notified me of Black Friday deals. The dates these are available vary from vendor to vendor, so make sure you check. I’ll keep this list updated as more come through.

DJI: Up to 430% of Action 2, 3, FPV Combo, Mini 3 Pro. Ends Nov 30th. See here

Zhiyun: Up to 50% off selected gimbals. Valid November 15 – 30. See here

GoPro: 15% off everything. More here

Fujifilm: Up to $1300 cashback on large range of Fujifilm cameras and FUJINON lenses. Valid 18th November – 6th January. See here.

Vegasaur: 40% off all vegas pro templates etc. Use code BLFR22 at checkout. More here

BorisFX: 25% off everything inc BorisFX Suite, Sapphire, Continuum etc (plugins for video editors and motion graphics). Save up to USD$699. See here

RØDE: Unify software for just $1. See more here

Lightworks: 50% off Lightworks video editor. Ends November 30th 2022. See here.

Elgato: Up to 30% off selected products. Only between Nov 25-28. More info here.

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