New Pyro Feature in Cinema 4D

There is a new design explosive and flaming feature called Pyro in the 3D animation and modelling package Cinema 4D for both Mac and Windows.

I have been using Cinema for years – version 3 as I recall was where I started and it is now at version 25! I was blown away when it was only 3 and was stunned at what it could do – now the sky is literally the limit. If you want to have a look at some of the work done that relates to video and moving making, see the showcase below.

Anyway, if you are interested i the Pyro feature, Maxon has creative webinars on Mondays in December, as the Maxon Training Team shows you how to design explosive and flaming scenes using the brand-new Pyro feature in Cinema 4D.

In the first week it looks at the subject of Combustible techniques:

“When fire meets the fuel, the inferno grows. Ignite your creative sparks with Master trainers Lionel Vicidomini and Dustin Valkema as they take you through Pyro to help you set your designs afire with combustible techniques in Cinema 4D which are then simulated on the GPU or CPU”

Click here to register or find out more. And if you can’t make the time, all sessions are available for streaming after the event.

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