Cranky? You Betcha!

I will not name or point to the review in question, but reading this tonight, as much as I respect the reviewer and like, and admire the person involved and have known them for many years (and have emailed them privately to transmit my disappointment at their review), it deserves a response.

I just read a review of a tech product that said it was (paraphrased) “perhaps OK for kiddies and seniors”.

Charming. I didn’t realise that as a “senior” (whatever that is anyway – is there a cut off point? I am 66) – that all of a sudden I became unable to understand something? Or that somehow, something perhaps mediocre was “OK”

I am fed up with people either suggesting that a) after a certain age (again whatever that is)  there is an inherent inability to understand technology or b) not accepting that OUR generation invented the stuff we cannot apparently understand!

You know, I was worried about “growing old”. I remember my first published article in the computer industry in PCWorld commissioned by the legendary Jeremy Horey that was a comparison between graphics cards.

I was 31 at the time.

In 2 days I am eligible (apparently) for the pension. Yay me!

But I am still learning and playing with tech, as do many people I know. So don’t DARE patronise my “generation”.

So no. now I do not worry about growing old and not understanding tech. In reality, nothing is really new. Just smaller, faster, more capable and hopefullly cheaper in terms of capability per dollar.

I can, as can many others in this industry I can think of, more than keep up with tech, review it and report on it, no matter we are apparently “seniors”. And many, many older users DO understand this stuff, so please don’t pigeon hole people by their apparent age or some other demographic.

Bah effing humbug. Cranky? You bet.

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