News Flash! Australian Videocamera is dead. (Sort of). Long Live CreativeContent!

Australian Videocamera is about to change! As of January 1st, we will become Creative Content at

Here’s why… and it needs a bit of history to explain.

In December 2006 the magazine Videocamera, of which I was the Editor, abruptly closed.
Even I didn’t know this was going to happen – a subscriber who tried to renew found out and told me.

I was suddenly out of a job. Major bummer (as would be said in “The Young Ones”.)

In April of the following year, after lots of research in the art of physical publishing and all the necessary things that went with it that I had never been privy to, or even needed to know, I launched Australian Camcorder as a paper-based magazine, available on subscription and through news agencies, along with a supporting website.

Over the years there have been changes, the biggest being renamed as Australian Videocamera.

But time catches up, and Australian Videocamera, by name, now doesn’t reflect exactly what we do in terms of content. No longer do we just review video cameras!

There are editing systems to explore, motion graphics and special effects, audio, lighting, accessories and 3D simulation and animation programs to look at. Not to mention Action Cameras, 360º imaging, and of course drones. And in the new mix is photography with Photoshop, Lightroom and lots of still cameras. And anything else that goes into being a part of what makes “content”.

On top of that, we have become a sort of de-facto mouthpiece for the industry with it using us, to tell you, its customers, what the video, film and photography world is doing.

It is time for a change. And that change is Creative Content, our new website and a brand-new e-magazine to come.

This old Australian Videocamera website will be retained as an archive in a basic form and searchable. There are thousands of stories, reviews, tutorials, case studies and so on here, and that is far too valuable to let go.

But the new website will draw on all past experiences and be even better! And of course, I value everyone’s ideas and input to make it the best it can be!

Thank you so much for hopefully visiting and becoming a part of the latest journey!

So, come and visit us at

home page screen shot

The site is of course evolving as we build it, and all comments, suggestions and ideas – and criticisms are welcome. Just let me know via

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