56% of Sundance Film Festival created in Premiere Pro. Oh and Adobe Announces “Productions”

Adobe are saying that 56% of films shown at the Sundance Film Festival were “created” with Premiere Pro, thus making it the most used software at the festival.

In a similar vein, Blackmagic Design announced that more than 50 projects at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival used Blackmagic Design gear, including its digital film cameras, DaVinci Resolve Studio editing, grading, VFX and audio post production software, and more.

They also mentioned in passing the release of a new add on feature called “Productions”.

Adobe says Productions feature set for Premiere Pro was designed from the ground up with input from top filmmakers and Hollywood editorial teams with early versions of the underlying technology “battle-tested” on recent films such as Terminator: Dark Fate and Dolemite is My Name.

Special builds of Premiere Pro with Productions are being used now in editorial on films like David Fincher’s MANK.

The release of Productions allows large and complex projects to be divided into smaller pieces. Episodic shows can be grouped by season, making it easy to access other shows to retrieve title sequences and audio elements. Agencies can allocate a Production to each client, so they can quickly reference and retrieve assets from existing projects.

 “We’ve seen tremendous growth of Premiere Pro among filmmakers, which has created a demand for new features like Productions” says Adobe. “Through festivals like Sundance—where more films than ever this year used Premiere Pro—we’ve had the opportunity to meet many brilliant new storytellers and learn about how they use the Adobe creative tools.”

In effect, Productions breaks up large projects into smaller bite size pieces and different groups can work on different sections.

Episodic shows can be grouped by season, so it’s easy to access other shows to retrieve things like title sequences or audio elements,” says Adobe

This also means assets can be re-used, with a new panel in Premiere Pro acting as a sort of central hub for managing the workflow on multiple projects even if different teams are on different platforms – MacOS or Windows.

Sadly, you cannot get Productions yet: we are trying to get a release date. Interestingly, if you are a Vegas Pro user, you already have a sort of Productions with the introduction of nested timelines in the latest version of Vegas Pro 17 if you wanted to check that out.

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