A Fujinon lens on a Canon EOS R6? Or Red Komodo? or Blackmagic Pocket 4K? You bet!

Back in the day – say 1977-1980 odd – I cut my photographic teeth with a combination of a Pentax KX, Minolta SRT101 and a Leica M2, shooting motor sport in Western Australia. Primary locations were Wanneroo Park (also known as Barbagello Raceway), and various rallies including Rally of the West, the Australian round of the Australian Rally Championships.

I actually entered that once, in a Holden Torana A9X, a favoured “muscle car” of the time. Not that I had any great success, hence the return to photography, shooting the likes of Wayne Negus, Tim Slako, Graeme Hooley, Ron Lindau and Trevor Hine in his amazing little Lotus that was often a giant killer.

Torana A9X – to my mind one of the prettiest cars ever made… and at the time, the fastest 2 door production car in the world!

(Side note: I sold the A9X in favour of a Chrysler Valiant VH Regal V8 365 ci. Now worth diddly squat. The A9X if I had it, could be sold for getting up to AUD$1 million if in pristine condition. Which it was at the time. Live and learn …)

I mention this as the two SLRs in use – the Pentax and the Minolta – were a luxury back then as we had the option to use interchangeable lenses, which the rangefinder based Leica did not, despite being a superior camera, technically speaking at least.

As I recall, I had a Tamron 200mm with a 2x converter on the Pentax and a Tamron 70 ~200mm on the Minolta.

But it was a long time ago, so maybe I am not 100% correct.

Fast forward to today however, and in my grasp is a brand-new Canon EOS R6 that was supplied by the nice folk at Canon with an F/1.5 macro 35mm lens which I am dying to play with in a number of scenarios.

However, nailed to the RF mount at present is a rather nice – no, effin’ brilliant – Fujinon cine zoom 50 ~135 T2.9 which is a beast.

A Fujinon lens on a Canon RF mount? What?

Yes, dear reader, Fujinon Australia has made available an MK converter for not just RF mounts, but also micro 4/3 mounts, giving owners of these cameras access to the range of Fujinon lenses.

And the crowd roared Hurrah!

(Oh and they also work on the Red Komodo by the way and the 4/3rd mount works with the Blackmagic Design Pocket 4K camera. Double hurray we say!)

Now I have 3 days to test this lens on the Canon EOS R6, so will report back very soon on what I find.

But rest assured, initial findings are its bloody marvellous, as I would expect any Fujinon lens on a body as good as the R6 to be.

And to finish here is a quick video of the benefits of using the MKE E-mount on the Blackmagic Pocket 4K.

Stay tuned.



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