A New Use for 360° Images

Momento360, who have made a sort of specialty of dealing with 360° imagery has just let me know it has just released Plan Drawing support.

What this allows is showing the location of a 360° image over the top of a floorplan or other drawing.

You can add markers for your 360s on the Plan Viewer Overlay to preview and navigate to different 360s. It works seamlessly with Embed/Share Links, and you can set them to display in Embeds and Collection Embeds:


  • Supports single and multiple-page Plan Drawings
  • Supports images and PDFs (including multi-page PDFs)
  • Can be added to Embed/Share links for individual 360s and Collections
  • Multiple Plans can be linked to a single Collection or 360
  • Supports Custom Markers

For more details on how to get started, view the docs.

Click here for the full interactive link pictured above  


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